Payroll Management software development India

Payroll service is one of the important services that are being outsourced in these days to reduce the work pressure on the HRD. Service providers require efficient payroll management software to maintain all accounts automatically. EZ Rankings IT Services Pvt Ltd knows how to construct robust software based on the key features required for diverse industries to manage their employee payroll.

We know the nuances of the Payroll management. It is not paying your employee their monthly salary; it is much more than that. Well constructed software developed by our company allows you to

  • Maintain all accounts automatically
  • Add and update the salary with ease
  • Service providers can use this software effectively to handle multiple companies with multiple financial years. Enable you to find out from any financial year to any other financial year.
  • Automated PF calculations, file the PF documents without any errors.
  • Automated ESI Calculation and ESI filing
  • Using Rule 4 (D) calculates the Bonus
  • Get regular updates whenever you want with a few clicks.

While these are the main features one can expect from our efficiently developed software. Find the following benefits when you use our software.

We know better payroll management yields multiple benefits to the organization. Better payroll management means better human resource management.

  • Reduces the risk of health care issues
  • Taxation documents are monitored with accuracy
  • Produce the salary slips, PF statements, Loan reports and the leave report as and when required.
  • Allows you to export the required data with regular updates on employer database.
  • Save time, money, energy and manual errors by deploying the software.

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