Time and Attendance Software development

Time and attendance software development is one of the essential tools in most of the organizations, manufacturers, where accurate entries are very significant. What are the important features of this software? It is a workforce management system where automated time management takes place. The work time of the employees is recorded with accuracy. When there is huge workforce it is highly essential in the monitoring payroll. It can be combined with the existing software for the payroll processing.

Customized solutions provided as per the clients’ requirements. It is an efficient application tool to manage time sheets and the financial resource, human workforce, and expense accounts. Get all the key reports, billing, and other HR related reports in real time along with the time and attendance management. An organization requires time recording system connected with the clock machines, through fingerprint identification, identification badges and card swiping many other biological identification methods. Suitable T&A software development is possible only when you know how the employees are allowed to enter the premises of work area. We prepare matching T& A software matching your system of allowance of your workforce in your premises.

We construct the T & software to be used in compliance with the following

  • Based on the internet through efficient web
  • It can be used through on-line interfaces
  • Use the swipe card
  • Construction of the software using the biometric methods such as fingerprint
  • Use the bar code badges to allow employees.
  • Use the wireless devices to record using the software.

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